Celebration of the World Pharmacists’ Day

Today, September 25, 2019 in celebration of the World Pharmacists’ Day, Burjeel Royal Hospital organized a cake cutting ceremony followed by a small gathering which was spearheaded by the management and was attended by many of the staffs from different departments emphasizing the importance of the role pharmacists play in the hospital. September 25 was designated by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) as the World Pharmacists Day with this year’s theme “Safe and effective medicines for all.”
Pharmacist plays a very significant role in ensuring the proper access and appropriate usage of medicines by using their broad knowledge and expertise. In connection to this, medication errors which is one of the contributing factors why significant number of patients are harmed during health care, resulting to permanent injury, increased length of stay in healthcare facilities or even death.
This year’s theme aims to promote pharmacists’ significant role in assuring patient safety through effective communication which will improve patient care and reduce medication errors.

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