Back to school over COVID - 19 pandemic

published on: 05th september, 2020

Back to school season is hitting us differently in 2020. This year first day of school jitters are mixed with fears of still raging pandemic Hand sanitizer and laptops replaced by backpacks and lunchboxes already.
Some Safety Tips
  1. Social distancing reduces close contact between people, limiting his or her risk of getting sick via the infectious respiratory droplets a person with COVID-19 releases nearby while breathing, talking or coughing. You should also remind your kids not to share food, drinks, or anything, for that matter, with their friends. It's just not safe.
  2. Wearing a mask helps contain any potentially infectious respiratory droplets that may be released while breathing, talking or coughing, especially when social distancing is more challenging and even if the person doesn't yet know they're sick.
  3. Washing your hands limits the risk of getting sick by touching a contaminated surface and then spreading the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth if you touch your face
  4. Listen to your child's concerns-It is important your child feels comfortable expressing any concerns or anxiety he or she may have about returning to school during the pandemic, so try to be as available and prepared as possible. Your child is concerned about having to wear a mask all day or what might happen if there is a confirmed case at school, make sure you are listening intently, empathizing often and helping your child cope with his or her feelings in a reassuring manner.
  5. Let your parental instincts guide you-all most all schools offering the option of online learning, you may decide to keep your kids in 100% online classes this school year or this term or knowing how important classroom learning and socialization are for your child, you may decide that you've done your homework when it comes to safely sending your child back to school No matter what you choose, your parental instinct will help you feel confident that you've made the right decision for your child and your family.

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Dr. Umamaheshwararao Ginjupalli completed his MD from Kuvempu University, India, in 1992. With 26 years of experience, he specialises in providing all-round care to kids and infants. Read More

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